VERUS SECURITY provides 24/7 security, 24/7 customer support and 24/7 security patrols. 

We give on-site threat assessments, assessing risks in areas ranging from a lack of access control and physical security measures to the importance of natural surveillance.

VERUS SECURITY also provides lighting assessments for all manner of businesses. Lighting is a critical element of site security, and it serves to establish a perception of security and safety for legitimate users. However, if utilized improperly, lighting can work against security needs. Let VERUS SECURITY assist you today with any lighting questions and concerns.

VERUS SECURITY can also assist your business with creating and implementing personalized safety protocols.  Our team is made up of a combination of civilian security personnel and active-duty law enforcement officers with extensive training in emergency response, crime prevention and protection. We offer courses to recognize and prevent workplace violence, meth labs, and teach life-saving skills such as AED and CPR.  VERUS SECURITY is on a mission to make every home, business, school and hospital a safer place.  We will come to your site conduct a threat analysis and work closely with you to develop a customized and practical safety plan. Please reach out to our team for a free personalized quote.

We are honored to serve and protect our community.

Security Officers

Our team consists of active-duty law enforcement officers or civilian security personnel to suit your needs.

Training Courses

We teach emergency response, crime prevention, and life saving skills.

Safety Assessments

We will come to your site, conduct a threat analysis and work closely with you to develop a safety plan.

"Thanks to VERUS SECURITY DESIGN CONSULTING, we now have recommendations we can use to make our building safer for both our employees and patients.  They were helpful in pointing out little and big things that gave us insight into improvements that need to be considered and implemented.  Thank you for taking time to complete this service for us!"

Renae Burns, Southwestern Healthcare, Inc., LCSW, LCAC, Outpatient Coordinator,


VERUS SECURITY is proud to protect and serve our community.

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