Man robber in black hoodie threatening with gun to scared businesswoman on car parking

Women's Safety Course: Situational Awareness/Pre-Attack Indicators

The next class is scheduled for November 7th, 2019, from 6-8pm, at 815 John St., Evansville, IN.

Recognizing threats is a key element in preventing them. How well are you able to recognize and identify the warning signs of risk? In this course, VERUS SECURITY teaches you how to understand both the verbal and nonverbal cues attackers provide-even when they are unaware of doing so!

Protect yourself! Through videos, class participation, and lecture focusing on real-life attack situations and outcomes, you’ll learn:
• The secret cues and clues found in body language
• Grooming gestures
• Facial Tells
• Eye accessing (Neuro-Linguistic Pro- gramming)
• The importance of de-escalation
• And much more.

Cost $45 per person. Pay via the Paypal link below.

An officer with the Evansville Police Department since 2002, Kevin currently works in the Crime Prevention Unit. He holds a Masters Degree in Security Management, and certifications in SWAT, Crisis Intervention (CIT), Applied Suicide Intervention (ASIST), and as an Indiana School Safety Specialist. Kevin attained both Basic and Advanced Certifications in Crime Prevention through Environmental Design (CPTED) through the American Institute of Crime Prevention, as well as a Professional CPTED Designation through the National Institute of Crime Prevention (the top such certification offered by NICP). As a product of his training, Kevin has conducted hundreds of threat assessments for all manner of businesses, from schools to financial institutions, and healthcare facilities to large-scale manufacturing plants. Kevin’s talent and dedication to site security is highly regarded by safety experts across the country, and he is regularly sought after as an instructor at security summits and universities, as well as the Southwestern Indiana Law Enforcement Academy. In addition, Kevin holds numerous OSHA and FEMA certifications.

Eric has been a law enforcement officer for over two decades. During that time he has served in many different capacities including motor patrol, Emergency Response Team member, Police Scuba Diver, Field Training Officer, Crime Prevention Officer, Crime Free Multi-Housing Coordinator and member of the FOP Lodge 73 Honor Guard. He is an honor graduate of both the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy and the Southwest Indiana Law Enforcement Academy. Eric also attended Murray State University. He is certified Crime Prevention specialist via the American Crime Prevention Institute (ACPI) in Louisville, KY as well as a certified Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) Specialist through the ACPI. Eric completed his advanced CPTED training with instructor Art Hushen and obtained his CPTED Professional Designation through the National Institute of Crime Prevention (NICP) in Greenville, SC at the Hubbel Lighting Institute. Eric was certified as a California in 2011 by the International Crime Free Association. Eric is also a certified Indiana Law Enforcement Academy instructor.

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