Security Officers = Site Protection

VERUS SECURITY employs active duty police officers with extensive training for those positions where only an armed officer will suffice. This selection practice makes VERUS SECURITY an extremely valuable and unique security partner. If a situation arises our team immediately springs into action - they don't have to wait for help to arrive. When needed, VERUS SECURITY officers can make arrests and address situations in ways only active-duty police officers can. VERUS also provides an unarmed civilian security force where armed personnel are not the preferred option. Contact VERUS today to discuss which option is best for your site.

VERUS SECURITY is on-call 24/7

Whether it is active-duty, uniformed law enforcement officers or an unarmed option, VERUS is here and ready to serve you. Businesses can rest assured they have a highly trained, professional security team that will do whatever is necessary to keep everyone safe. Our team is committed to serving and protecting all people in all ways possible. Please contact us today for a free consultation. Your security is always our number one priority.

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