The Brickyard Apartments
"The Brickyard Apartments is thrilled to be working directly with Officer Krogman and Officer Corbin and the Crime Prevention Multi-Housing Program.  We value their expertise and have implemented many of their suggested enhancements to our community.  We appreciate their time and cooperation to ensure our residents have the utmost safety and security."
Kristi Pfeiffer, CAM, Realtor
Verus Security
Southwestern Behavioral Healthcare, Inc., Spears Building
"Thanks to VERUS SECURITY DESIGN CONSULTING, we now have recommendations we can use to make our building safer for both our employees and patients.  They were helpful in pointing out little and big things that gave us insight into improvements that need to be considered and implemented.  Thank you for taking time to complete this service for us!" 
Renae Burns, LCSW, LCAC, Outpatient Coordinator
Verus Security
Art Hushen, National Institute of Crime Prevention
"I have had the opportunity to observe and work with Kevin Corbin and Eric Krogman, both in the classroom and in the field. They bring a high level of professionalism not only to the Evansville Police Department but to their company, Verus Security Design Consulting, LLC. Their knowledge in Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) is well known in the industry. The CPTED and risk assessments they conduct are excellent. Others that have worked with both Kevin and Eric have the highest praise for them. From their presentation skills to the quality of work they provide they are the complete package!With their determination, dedication, and partnerships their company is sure to excel with any project!"
Art Hushen, NICP
Verus Security
Albion Fellows Bacon Center
"Albion Fellows Bacon Center is a domestic and sexual assault center located in the heart of downtown Evansville. Our agency serves victims in our emergency safe shelter on site and have clients come to us for Outreach and follow up services. Out of our desire to provide the safest environment for those we serve and those who serve at our facility, we enlisted the assistance of Mr. Eric Krogman and Mr. Kevin Corbin. As officers, they were very familiar with our mission and the dangers that come with being a domestic violence agency. Together, the gentlemen took their time to provide a very thorough threat assessment of our internal and external environment. After meeting with me to gain further understanding, they visited our facility at different times of the day to ensure that their recommendations were based on day and night time perception. Once their audit was complete, an in-depth meeting and recommendation was given to us in a very timely manner. Based on these recommendations we put into place several practices and precautions that were not costly. Recommendations that were out of our scope of funding at that time were included in a grant proposal which has the potential of being funded through a local foundation. The process and opportunity was very much appreciated and the manner of care given, far exceeded the positive experience that we had already assumed would be enjoyed. I would highly recommend the Verus team for a personal, individualized audit of your business environment and I hope to continue to call upon them in the future so as to always be thinking and practicing proactively."
Candice Perry, Executive Director
Verus Security
Berry Plastics
"It is my pleasure to work with Officer Eric Krogman and Officer Kevin Corbin at Verus Security Design Consulting, LLC and recommend their services at any facility wanted to increase their physical security, emergency response, workplace violence prevention, etc. They were able to help Berry Plastics through the  CPTED (Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design) process to reduce the number of thefts and security situations at our facility...Officer Krogman and Officer Corbin have the experience and background to provide the necessary information for any company looking to enhance their security awareness and protection..." 
Dustin Ash, MS ASP, EHS Specialist
Verus Security
St. Mary's Hospital
"St. Mary's Hospital has utilized Verus Security for a variety of services, from emergency security staffing to on-site threat assessments. We couldn't be happier. Their depth of knowledge, 24-hour availability, and attention to detail has helped us address our concerns quickly and efficiently. For anyone looking to upgrade their facility's security footprint, Verus is a great place to start." 
St. Mary's Security
Verus Security

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